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Leaders and Work-Life Balance

Leaders and Work-Life Balance

by Tammy Daignault -
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Leaders and Work-Life Balance


Continuing Education Credits:   Total PDUs/Contact Hours: 3 Technical PM PDUs: 2 CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3 hours)


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Estimated time to complete:  3 hours

Self Paced Online Course Description

Why can it be so difficult to balance our work with our personal lives And can these pressures be managed in a way that can make you more successful at both Yes. This introductory course is meant for anyone who recognizes work-life balance as a skill and wants to improve their ability to create this balance. This course looks at methods and techniques to reconcile work and family. You will also consider the question of personal fulfillment and the needs and demands of leadership.

What You Will Learn:

  • Identify the major sources of work-life balance conflict
  • Discuss the myths about work-life balance
  • Identify strategies to achieve balance
  • Recognize ways to maintain work-life balance
  • Examine what defines personal fulfillment
  • Identify those significant elements that play a role in a leaders life
  • Identify nine ways of viewing lifes choices
  • Develop and complete a Personal Work-Life Balance Plan

Key Features:

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. Audio-enabled
  3. Badge and credit-awarding
  4. Real-world case studies
  5. Fully accessible
  6. Games & Flashcards
  7. Expert-supported
  8. Video content

Price:  $79.00

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