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NEW Today's Contemporary Manager Certificate

NEW Today's Contemporary Manager Certificate

by Emily Laroche -
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Center for Financial Training

Today's Contemporary Manager Certificate

SHRM Accredited

Designed for Today's Contemporary Manager. As managers face new challenges in today's business world, CFT is here to help you bring the best skillset and knowledge to your workplace.

Getting started with your CFT education is as easy as registering for your first course.  There are no registration fees or application fees and CFT tuition is oftentimes employer paid (please confirm your company’s tuition policy with your manager or supervisor). 

Our Today's Contemporary Manager requires the following self-paced online courses:

  • Leaders and Work-Life Balance
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Introducton to Negotiations
  • Managing in a Modern Organization
  • Business Ethics in the 21st Century
  • Security Awareness Training
  • A Managers Guide to Information Technology
  • Emotional Intelligence for Managers
  • Managing Remote Employees

You can earn the necessary credits to achieve this certificate by completing the above self-paced online courses.

To get started today, click Today's Contemporary Manager to enroll!