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Measuring Your Training Return on Investments (ROI) - Webinar

Measuring Your Training Return on Investments (ROI) - Webinar

by Deb Rondeau -
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Center for Financial Training
Webinar - Live and Recorded Options Available

Measuring Your Training Return On Investment (ROI)

Friday, October 4, 2019
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)


CFT Webinars are purely educational. Instructors are not permitted to sell any products or services during the presentation.

Program Content:

Training is the key to success for any organization no matter the size. Too many training organizations feel like they are asked to deliver high-quality learning with limited resources. If you want to transition from a “checking the boxes” training approach to becoming a truly strategic part of your organization, then you need metrics!

Just getting your employees to attend training does not guarantee success. You need effective and affordable ways to measure your progress and effectiveness.

This course is designed to give you tips, tricks, and methods to easily measure and track your organization's effectiveness. You will get real-world examples of what has worked and what has not worked in departments just like your's.

Join one of the country’s premier training professionals to learn how to maximize the return on your limited resources.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are our company’s goals & do they align with training goals
  • How do we effectively measure progress
  • How to align metrics with goals
  • Measuring your effectiveness & reporting to management
  • How to gain the support of your CEO and leadership
  • How to leverage a supportive CEO that is a fan of training
  • Metrics Matrix

Who Should Attend?:

Managers, supervisors, trainers and anyone responsible for professional development and employee performance. Please forward email to appropriate person(s).


Shivali Jaggi is an award-winning training and development leader. She brings over 28 years of banking experience in many functional areas, including retail and commercial banking, bank operations, compliance and audit. Shivali has over eight years of extensive experience in building and implementing comprehensive training programs utilizing blended learning methods for major corporate initiatives improving employee development, engagement and performance. She led training efforts for various mergers and systems conversions achieving project results across teams and departments. Shivali was director of learning and development for a large New York based bank. She was responsible for envisioning, building, and deploying learning solutions that drive quantifiable business performance including a corporate university with three different schools. The first school was the School of Leadership, which integrated various leadership disciplines with the company’s values and core competencies. 15 modules covered in 15 months utilizing variety of blended learning approaches including Virtual, Classroom, and Learning-In-Action (Journals, projects, books, articles, benchmarking, peer learning, and manager debriefs.) The program culminated with a capstone project at the enterprise level, that helped bring together leaders from different backgrounds to create a common culture in support of organizational goals. Shivali founded the training practice at Smith Consulting Group with Darren Smith. The growing team provides custom training programs that are focused on the unique elements of each bank and credit union. The training practice compliments SCG’s conversion consulting practice, along with a full-service bank staffing practice.

What Is A Webinar?:

A webinar combines the clarity of an audio teleconference with the interactivity and visual presentation of the internet. All you need to participate is a telephone and an internet connection. Even if you don't have an internet connection, you can still participate in the audio session. Listening to the program over the telephone and following the written materials is an effective alternative!

Unable To Attend?:

No problem. You can purchase a recording of the webinar for future use. You can choose from either an On-Demand Web Link (Good for 6 months from the webinar date, unlimited use) or a CD-ROM (includes a paper copy of the PowerPoint slides).

Viewing Options (all options include applicable handouts):

All options include applicable handouts. You can choose to pay by credit card or be billed. Additional Live Webinar connections are $75 each.

Option 1: Live Webinar and 7 Days OnDemand Video Playback - $265

Option 2: OnDemand Video (six months access) - $295

Option 3: Live and 6 Months of OnDemand Video - $365

Option 4: CD-ROM Video (Includes OnDemand Video) - $345

Option 5: Entire Package (all of the above) - $395

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Recommended for 2.5 CE Credit Hours. Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Attendance for self-reporting of CE Credits.

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