Analyzing Financial Statements

The Analyzing Financial Statements course is NCCRS recommended for College Credit Transfer!

A practical introduction to financial analysis from the viewpoint of the commercial credit analyst and commercial loan officer, the Analyzing Financial Statements course gives you the skills you need to effectively assess a commercial borrower’s ability to repay loans. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to: identify the reasons why businesses need to borrow; how to structure a commercial loan properly; define the legal structures available to a business; analyze income statements, balance sheets, cash budgets, pro forma statements, and personal financial statements; calculate key financial ratios and use them to compare a company’s performance with that of the company’s industry; Identify and construct cash flow statements and analysis; ; develop a global cash flow and global debt service coverage for a business. Textbook chapter topics include:

Business Sectors and Operating Cycles Business Legal Structures and Life Cycles How Business Financial Statements are Constructed Income Statement Analysis Ratio Analysis Cash Flow Analysis Cash Budgets and Pro Forma Statements Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow Combining Business and Personal Cash Flow into Global Cash Flow

Audience: Designed for commercial loan officers, credit analysts and trainees who have a basic knowledge of accounting principles and practices and a familiarity with the commercial lending process.

Students are REQUIRED to take Accounting or Financial Accounting prior to taking the Analyzing Financial Statements course.

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