This Statistics Course is ACE recommended for college credit transfer!

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Students should have access to (and a working knowledge of) Excel or a similar spreadsheet program to fully participate in this course.

The Statistics course delivers clear and understandable explanations of core business statistics concepts.  Course work emphasizes the importance of interpreting statistical results to make effective decisions to improve business processes. The text offers real applications of statistics that are relevant to today’s business students which can be seen in the continuing case studies throughout the book. Continuing cases span throughout a chapter or even groups of chapters, easing students into new topic areas.

Topics include:

• Descriptive Statistics: Tabular and Graphical Methods
• Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Methods
• Probability
• Discrete Random Variables
• Continuous Random Variables
• Sampling and Sampling Distributions
• Confidence Intervals
• Hypothesis Testing
• Statistical Inferences Based on Two Samples
• Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance
• Chi-Square Tests
• Simple Linear Regression Analysis
• Multiple Regression and Model Building

Intended Audience:  Anyone looking for an introduction to statistics.

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