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The Management course is NCCRS recommended for College Credit Transfer!

This Management course presents management theory and applications in an engaging narrative style not commonly found in textbooks. The author’s unique organization and features focus on the critical theories and enhance them with detailed examples that draw the reader into the reading and clearly show their implications for managers and organizations. The text’s unique organization focuses on how managers “make things happen” in modern organizations, exploring the role and impact of management on individuals and organizations.  Textbook chapter topics include:

Managing People
The External Environment and Organizational Culture
Managerial Decision Making
Planning and Strategic Management
Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
International Management
Organization Structure
Organizational Agility
Human Resources Management
Managing the Diverse Workforce
Motivating for Performance
Managerial Control
Managing Technology and Innovation
Creating and Managing Change

Audience:  Designed for new or experienced supervisors and first-line managers or those preparing for such a role.

CFT strongly RECOMMENDS that students complete the Supervision course prior to taking the Management course.