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This Economics course is ACE recommended for college credit transfer!

This macroeconomics course applies economics to phenomenon that students are familiar with and interested in.  This course teaches students how economic analysis can be applied to virtually anything of interest, thus helping students develop true economic intuition.  This economics course focuses on macroeconomics, and offers a unique blend of solid theory, while utilizing intriguing applications that convey the prevalence of economics in everyday life.

Textbook chapter topics include:

Limits, Alternatives, and Choices
The Market System and the Circular Flow
Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium
Public Goods and Externalities
GDP and Economics Growth
Business Cycles, Unemployment, and Inflation
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Fiscal Policy, Deficits and Debt
Money and Banking
Interest Rates and Monetary Policy
Long-Run Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
International Trade and Exchange Rates

Audience:  Students who have not had a formal course in economics and who wish to increase their understanding of macroeconomics.